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Guthrie Public Schools

Bluejay Academy

Plagiarism Checker! Edgenuity automatically checks for Plagiarism

  Click for details on the Plagiarism Checker and what your reports will look like.  Remember all the information you learned in your very first assignment in your English & History courses!

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Reading the Course Report

Click here: Keeping track on your Course Report is very, very important!!!!

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Teacher Advisers & Subject-Specific Teacher Assistance

Your "Teacher Adviser" is the person who sends weekly e-mail updates to your parents. Your Teacher Adviser also will assist you with, and grade assignments for, your elective classes. You will receive an email the . . .

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Returned Work

If you submitted work and it has been returned to you, kindly read the comments from your teacher/advisor before resubmitting the same work. Your advisor will let you know what is missing or what is expected before you resubmit.  . . .

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Troubleshooting Tips

Please follow the Troubleshooting Steps found in these articles:   https://help.edgenuitycourseware.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043035714-Steps-to-Troubleshoot-from-Home-   . . .

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Weekly Eligibility

To maintain eligibility for extra-curricular activities, BJA students must meet the following criteria: an Overall Grade of 60% or better in all Edgenuity coursework; at or beyond Target Completion . . .

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What is a PDF Format?

Click here for a short video on PDF Documents.

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Writing Assignments in Edgenuity / BJA

A short video on eWriting tasks in Edgenuity. A great tool to take you through Pre-Writing, Rough Draft, and Final Draft.   (How to find your teacher's feedback is included!!!!!!)

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