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Guthrie Public Schools



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BOE Overview

Guthrie Board of Education


The Guthrie Board of Education is a legislative body of seven (7) members elected by a vote of the district.  The board of education derives its authority from the state legislature.  The board’s power is judicial and legislative, and the superintendent elected by the board serves as its executive officer.  When not in legal session, a board member has no legal authority whatsoever.

The legislative function of the board is to make plans and policies, select the superintendent, and delegate to the superintendent the placing, of plans and policies into operation, and provide the financial  means for their achievement.

The judicial function of the board is to hear and resolve grievance petitions, disciplinary appeals, public complaints and other actions of a judicial nature.


Our democratic form of government and our way of life depends to a great extent upon how well the public schools do the job of educating our students and training them for responsible citizenship.  This is the purpose for which the system of free public schools exists.

Inherent in our philosophy of life in theUnited States is the belief that all members of society shall lead productive lives.  As such, education, either directly or indirectly, is geared to this goal.  Because our heritage has developed the idea that work is an integral part of our lives, education strives to implement this idea so that our way of life will be perpetuated through individual success.

The basic foundation of our educational system rests in the principles set forth in our country’s constitution, there­fore, our function in the Guthrie Public Schools is to provide the opportunity for each student to develop the skills and attitudes which will promote these ideals.  To achieve this end, the school will attempt to foster adequate emotional stability, intellectual understanding, physical development, and social competence.

The school will take its place beside the home and the church in helping each child establish standards by which he/she may develop qualities and attitudes that will enrich and strengthen his/her life.



It is the mission of the Guthrie Public Schools to empower all students with the tools necessary to become productive members of society through a cooperative effort between student, home, school, and community.


In relation to student achievement it is the goal of Guthrie Public Schools that each student will achieve immediate growth on each benchmark, MAP and state OCCT assessment.  Students will track their individual growth by each state standard assessed and be able to verbalize specific standard based growth.


The Guthrie Public School District believes in the worth and dignity of each individual, in that people are our greatest resource and children are our future.  The following beliefs are based on this premise:


All people can learn, given appropriate opportunity and support.

Prevention is preferable to remediation.


High expectations produce high achievers.

The teaching-learning process is the primary function of this district.

Diversity enriches life.


Everyone is entitled to a safe, caring educational environment.

Education is a partnership with student, home, school, and community.

Mutual trust will exist within the school environment.