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Classroom Information Forensic Science


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Mrs. Ogle

Forensic Science

I.   Introduction to the class

    Welcome to Forensic Science! What is Forensic Science? It is the application of scientific principles and techniques to matters of criminal justice, especially relating to collecting, examining, and analyzing physical evidence. What does a forensic scientist do? A forensic  scientist helps law enforcement by analyzing evidence and determining details of a crime scene.

II.  Topics for semester:

    a. Introduction to Forensics

    b. Crime Scene Processing

    c. Introduction to Forensic Evidence

    d. Behavioral Aspects of Crimes

    e. Fingerprints, Impressions, Blood, and Body Fluid Evidence

III.   Curriculum

    Curriculum provided by the University of Central Oklahoma - College of Forensic Science

IV.  Supplies 

    a.       Pencils

    b.      Pens

    c.       A folder for class notes/assignments

    d .      Loose-leaf notebook paper OR a composition notebook

    f.        Colored pencils

    g.       Hand held pencil sharpener

    h.      1 roll of paper towels

V.   Grading System

    100-90    A

    89-80 B

    79-70 C

    69-60 D

    59-0 F

VI. Grading Distribution

    Grades will be earned from daily work, labs, quizzes, and end of the unit projects. 

VII. Class Expectations

    -Respect others with your words and actions.

    -Be prepared to learn.

    -Follow instructions.

    -Do your best

VIII.   E-mail address and phone number


    Guthrie Junior High 282-5936