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Mrs. Ogle



I.                    Introduction to the class

Welcome to 7th grade science!  Our focus this year will be on many different topics in physical, ecological, and life sciences.  We will have fun incorporating demonstrations, hands-on activities, and experiments into these topics throughout the year.


II.                 Topics for the year:

a.       Science process skills

b.      Physical science:  Properties and physical changes of matter, atoms, the periodic table, thermal energy and heat

c.       Life science:  The cell system

d.      Ecological science:  Ecosystems, Populations, and Communities.


III.               Textbook

Elevate Science by Savvas


IV.              Supplies 

              These are NOT in addition to the supplies on the team list. These are supplies from the list that will be used in science:

a.       Pencils

b.      Pens

c.       A folder for class notes/assignments

d.      Loose-leaf notebook paper

f.        Colored pencils

g.       Hand held pencil sharpener

h.      1 roll of paper towels


V.               Grading System

100-90    A

89-80 B

79-70 C

69-60 D

59-0 F


VI.              Grading Distribution


 Tests will be worth the most points and will be 70% of the overall grade.  Points for remediation, practice, and extension activities will vary according to assignment and will be 30% of the overall grade.


Test corrections:

Students will be able to improve their grade on summative assessments up to one letter grade by correcting their tests.  If a student has a zero on any assignment leading up to the test, the work must be completed and turned in before corrections can be made on the test.


VII.            Late Paper Policy

Any assignment not finished by the end of the class period is expected to be completed at home that night.  It is due at the beginning of the class period the following day.

An assignment returned on the actual due date receives full credit.  Late papers will receive a 10 point deduction for each day late with a maximum 40 point reduction. No assignments will be accepted after 5 days past the original due date.  Projects are expected to be turned in on the assigned due date - no late projects will be accepted.


VIII.         Class Expectations

-Respect others with your words and actions.

-Be prepared to learn.

-Follow instructions.

-Do your best!


IX.              E-mail address and phone number


Guthrie Junior High 282-5936