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Things to Know in Pre-K


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I am so excited to have your child in my class!!!  A couple of things that will be very helpful to me are to know you and your child know what to do, and what is expected in our pre-k class. 

Morning Drop Off
All children who arrive before 8:00 a.m. need to be taken up to the gym. Children will need to enter the school at the North West Door and be escorted to the gym.   During this time the children will watch a movie until class starts.  I will come and escort the children to class at 8:00.   
Class officially starts at 8:10a.m./12:30 p.m.

Breakfast Eaters
Children who eat breakfast need to be at school no later than 7:40 a.m.  If you are running late for breakfast you will have to stay with your child in the cafeteria until he/she is done.

Lunch Eaters
A.M. lunch eaters will leave for the cafeteria at 10:45 a.m. and will be outside at the front of the school for pickup at 11:10 a.m.

P.M. lunch eaters need to meet at the double glass doors in the middle of school by 12:00 noon.  If your child arrives late for lunch you will need to stay with him/her in the cafeteria until he/she is done.

Pickup Times

A.M. Pickup
Morning car riders will be dismissed at 10:40 at the classroom door or will be waiting in the North hall by the office for their rides.  Only parents and/or those listed on the enrollment papers will be allowed to pickup a child unless the office is notified or a note is sent to school.

P.M. Pickup
Afternoon car riders will be dismissed at 2:55 at the classroom door or 3:00 outside under the awning in the back of the school.  Only parents and/or those listed on the enrollment papers will be allowed to pickup a child unless the office is notified or a note is sent to school. 

Arriving In Class
There are a few things I would like all my children to get into a routine of when they first arrive in class.

1.    Car on Cruisin Road - The first thing I would like all children to do is to find their car in the parking lot and put it on the cruising road.

2.    Hang up backpacks - Next, all children need to hang up their backpacks on their specific hook.

3.    All clothing put in backpacks - If jackets or coats are worn they must be put inside the backpack!  This is essential in order to keep the chance of spreading lice down (if it occurs).

4.    Bathroom break - After hanging up backpacks I would like every child to take a bathroom break.  This helps keep accidents down.
5.    Find center Tag - Last, every child needs to find his/her center tag to go to a center.

Backpacks need to come to school EVERYDAY ☺.  A change of clothes appropriate for the season needs to be kept inside your child’s backpack in case of an accident.  Your child’s name needs to be written where it is clearly visible on ALL items brought to school (coat, change of clothes, hat, gloves, backpack, etc).   Toys from home are not allowed at school except for his/her specific Show & Tell day, or if it is something your child will be sleeping with at daycare.

Friday Folders
Every Friday your child will bring home a Friday Folder.  Inside you will find a traffic report letting you know how your child’s behavior was during the week, homework (which is always due by Tuesday of the next week), my weekly newsletter letting you in on all the fun and exciting things we’ve done and things to come, and, of course, school news.  PLEASE make sure you return your child’s folder (WITH HOMEWORK) by Tuesday because we will review our homework as a group and I always give a treat to those who remembered.
Periodically, I will need to send a note home before Friday.  If this occurs I will pin it on your child’s backpack.  If you have a note you need to send to school, please either pin it on your child or on his/her backpack.

Leader of the Day
In the beginning of each month I will send home a calendar with each child listed on a particular day.  I usually go down the list alphabetically unless I have a birthday.   Birthdays will be listed on the calendar.  When your child is the leader he/she is the special helper for that day and also gets to bring Show & Tell.  If your child has a special Show & Tell he/she wants to bring please let me know so we can make some arrangements. 

In class we have our own little celebration, usually right before calendar.  If you would like to have a special celebration for your child at school please let me know so I can plan for it.  We usually have our parties at the end of the day.  Cupcakes or treats of any kind are fine.  If you would like to include juice, I prefer the boxes (because there are less spills ☺).  Birthday cakes are fine ONLY if you are going to stay and help. Our time is short and the extra help is needed.  If you decide to bring a cake PLEASE remember to bring a knife, plates, and napkins, as well.