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Class Syllabus

Seventh Grade Language Arts


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Seventh Grade Reading

Ron Gillett





Course Overview:

The curriculum for this class follows the Oklahoma Academic Standards for 7th grade English Language Arts (Reading Standards 1-8) established by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.  


In this course, students will read nearly every day.  Opportunities will be available for reading aloud in class, as well as reading quietly at his/her desk. At times, I will read aloud to the students.  We may, also, follow along with a professional reading of our current story or novel.  Students will also participate in classroom discussions and reviews of material we have read.  Material covered will include story structure, literary elements, figurative language, characterization, genre, main idea, and much more.The class goal is to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary knowledge, and to instill in each student a love for reading through the development of reading skills and positive reading habits.  We will visit the library every other week.  Students are expected to check out at least one book and to bring that book to class with them every day.



  • Students will read a vast array of literary texts including short stories, novels, drama, and poetry.
  • Students will read a variety of informational texts and develop an understanding of charts, graphs, timelines, and illustrations.
  • BAV (Building Academic Vocabulary).Student vocabulary will be expanded through the introduction of new words.
  • Various media will be used to enhance our learning including, but not limited to: cds,dvds, newspapers, and the internet.
  • At least 2 novels will be read in class.  After the novel has been read, we may view the movie version (if available), and then write comparative essays.  Books currently being considered include:   The City of Ember, Freak the Mighty,  The Pearl, The Miracle Worker,Stargirl, Where the Red Fern Grows, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, and Stealing Freedom. 
  • Students must maintain an Academic Folder in which they will keep proficiency scales and completed papers.   Papers from these folders will be sent home every nine weeks.          



I am available for extra help before and after school.  Contact me to schedule any needed tutoring.


Classroom Expectations:

  • Come to class prepared and on time
  • Be respectful of yourself, other students and staff, and all property
  • Follow all school rules and guidelines listed in the student handbook
  • ALWAYS do you best
         I do not assign homework.  If a student misses an assignment, I will attempt to give them time to make it up during Flex or regular class time.  If that fails, then I may ask the student to take the work home to complete it.  Although it is not considered or assigned as homework, I do recommend that students read something they enjoy for at least 20 minutes each day.