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Classroom Information


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Mrs. Siess’ Classroom Information

(Please keep this where you can find it easily.)

***To contact me, you may leave me a message at Central

(282-0352) or email me at tonia.siess@guthrieps.net, or use the remind app .***


*I need all parents to sign up for Remind. This is how we communicate urgent messages.This is especially important if your child or our classroom/school goes into distance learning.

**Please make sure all MONEY is in a SEALED ENVELOPE with the student’s name, their teacher’s name and what it is for written on it. You can place this in the pouch in your child’s binder if they have a pouch.

***Please make sure that you send a NOTE or CALL THE OFFICE prior to 2:00 p.m. if your child is getting home a different way than usual.  We must go by how your child normally gets home if there is no note or phone call to the office.

****Please ask your child for their student binder on a daily basis. This binder is how I will communicate with you about how your child’s day went, where you can find their homework, where you may find any school notes and where I will look for notes from you. A smiley face, or other stamp in their planner means that your child had a good day. A note means that they had a not so great day. No stamp or note means they did not bring their binder into the classroom in the morning. (I will remind them to bring in their binder each day. If they do not bring their binder after being reminded, I will not give them a stamp, but I will write a note to let you know if they need your help remembering our promises.)


Classroom Promises (subject to change)

  1. I will listen to my teachers.

  2. I will raise my hand and wait to be called on.

  3. I will be helpful and respectful.

  4. I will do my homework. 

  5. I will come to school.

Students will earn a weekly trip to the treasure box from their teacher for following expectations.

Consequences For Breaking Promises

   1st offense…………….. Warning                                                                     

   2nd offense…………….Visit the refill / tab out station and get a note home. 

   3rd offense……………. Get a note home.

   4th offense……………..Make a call home for help. (Calls will be from the classroom via Google 

                                                 Meet. If your child calls you please be kind and supportive as they are 

      already having a difficult day.)

           5th offense……………..Walking Recess

  6th offense……………..Go see the principal.

Hitting and other major offenses will be sent imediately to school administration.



  Children earn "Brag Tags” from their peers for being a great classmate and a trip to “treasure box” from me for good behavior.  

Please go over and discuss the classroom promises with your child. We will go over them frequently during the first weeks of school, and will continue to do so as necessary.  It will help if they discuss them with you.



Reading - Students will read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night. (Start them out at 5 minutes and increase gradually to 20 by the end of September.) Please log what they read and for how long in their planner nightly. 

Math - Some nights students will have homework in their binder. If there is no Math in their binder, students will need to practice their addition facts up to 20. After becoming fluent in addition, they will need to practice their subtraction facts up to 20. (Stop after 5 to 10 minutes) You may make flashcards or purchase them at a store of your choice.

Maximum Time Spent on Homework

Reading – 15 to 20 minutes (Please log thier reading in their planner.)

Math – 5 to 10 minutes

30 minutes total

*Caution: Do not make your child work past these time limits. They have been working hard all day and need to enjoy their family and other activities.