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Classroom Contract


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Our classroom will be a safe, helpful, and kind learning space where everyone respects one another.  This place will be free from prejudices so that we will be free to be as creative as we choose to be.  And this will be a place where everyone takes ownership of their own education.  


How will this happen?  

By promising to observe these simple rules:

In this classroom, we always.....

_____use kind words.

_____listen to our teacher.

_____follow teacher's directions to first time.

_____keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

_____cheer each other on to success!


When I make good choices, I will experience good outcomes.

Free and Frequent Outcomes: 

High Fives, Praise Report sent to my parent/guardian, Get a good ticket

End of the Day Outcomes:

Get to go to the Sensory Room with an adult; iPad time, Get to help my teacher

Long-Term Outcomes:

Lunch with Teacher, Get nominated for Student of the Month


If I make poor choices, there are negative consequences:

Green Level: My teacher will remind the class of the Classroom Contract and the Classroom Rules

Yellow Level: My teacher will give me an individual reminder that I signed the Classroom Contract.

I may have to take a "Walk-About" with my teacher to talk about my choices and actions.  Here I can say, "I'm Sorry" and make better choices and return to the classroom. 

Red Level: If I choose not to make better choices and continue to disrespect myself and others, my teacher will call my parents and let them know about my choice-making actions. 

My teacher may contact the office, if I'm a danger to myself and others, or destroying school property.  At this time, I may be sent home.