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Class Expectations


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Dear Parent, 

Our goal, at Charter Oak Elementary, is to provide the skills and opportunities for your child to learn and embrace health and fitness for life. 

Most Important - The Parent’s Role

To help your child be successful this year, please follow our fitness program guidelines:   We have a new wood floor at Charter Oak and want to keep it in the best condition possible.  The only way to do this is to allow only tennis shoes on the gym floor.  Please have your child wear tennis shoes to school on gym days.  An alternative assignment will be provided if gym shoes are not worn   A list of unacceptable shoes:   Sandals, Flip flops,Crocs, clogs, dress shoes, boots and any heeled shoes are not appropriate for class.    They must have a flat bottom (no heel) and the foot must be fully covered. One way to always have your child prepared is to have an extra pair of gym shoes kept at school, in the classroom or kept in backpack.   

If your child needs to be excused from fitness activities, please provide a doctor’s note or Parent note explaining why your child can not participate and a date when the child will be able to rejoin participation in class 

This year students will learn and refine skills in the fitness areas at the bottom of the letter.  The skills are sequenced through the year with your child’s abilities in mind.  The overall goal being to help your child learn and be successful.    

Studies show physical fitness:

.  improves clear thinking

.  increases self confidence

.  positively impacts student’s performance in school.                                                                                                                                                                                             

 I am here to make a positive impact in your child’s life.  If you have questions or information that might help me better work with your child please contact me.       

Sincerely,  Cass Brassard



Areas of Concentration for Our Fitness Program

Locomotor Movements (walk, run, hop, skip, jump, gallop)

Body Awareness (body parts and body shapes)

Spatial Awareness (moving in different directions) 

Chasing, Fleeing, Dodging 

Manipulative Skills (throw, catch, strike, swing, push, pull)

Body Fitness (heart, lung, muscles)

Jumping and Landing (to different heights and distances, jumping rope)

Sportsmanship (building positive attitudes)

Cooperative Skills (working together in groups or with partners)

Using Equipment (bats, balls and more)