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Our Daily Procedures


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Mr. Benson’s Pre-K Classroom Procedures


Classroom Information

Instructional time is from 8:15-3:00. If you need to check your child out early, please call Cotteral at 282-5928.


Your child must bring a backpack to school every day. Please put their name on the outside(a tag is fine). On the inside, please pack a change of clothes that are appropriate for the season, in case of an accident. In regards to accidents: if your child is able to clean themselves and change, then we will move on. If they need help cleaning themselves, school policy states that we will need to call the parent for help.

Please make sure to check your child’s backpack DAILY. We send notes, homework, and other items of communication in the backpack. If you are sending money or a note to school with your child, please PIN IT ON THE OUTSIDE, otherwise we may not see it.

Friday Folder

Each Friday your child will bring home a Friday Folder. In the folder will be homework, student work, and news from school. Please return this folder on Monday after you have done their homework with them and removed their work from the week.


Your child will have a homework activity in their folder each week. Please help them complete it and return it to school in their Friday Folder. This will help review our concepts from the week and give them an opportunity to share with you what they have learned.


It is perfectly okay to celebrate your child’s birthday at school! Please give me at least a week of warning so that I can make sure to schedule our day around the party. Normally 2:35 is the perfect time for a party, but we are always flexible. If you choose to send invitations that you would like me to pass out, please send enough for the whole class, otherwise I will not be able to pass them out.

Nap time

Each day we will have a rest time in the afternoon. As per the school supply list, we need you to provide a Kinder Mat for your child. (If you are unable to afford a mat, please let me know.) We also allow one small pillow and blanket (not a comforter) for your child to sleep with. Beach towels or sheets seem to be the easiest to manage. It is rarely cold enough for a big fuzzy blanket in our classroom, and students with just a sheet or towel have seemed much more comfortable(less sweaty). I understand that your child may be used to a special cuddle toy/doll, but these items become distractions and health hazards instead of sleeping aids, therefore they will not be allowed.

Please feel free to contact me by calling the school office, sending a message through Class Dojo, or through email at jay.benson@guthrieps.net.