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2021-2022 STEM 2 - Flight & Space / App Creators / 3D Printing


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Provided for study in the classroom of Mr. Peterman at Guthrie Junior High



The Middle School Curriculum is designed for intermediate to advanced STEM students. It encourages students to devise creative solutions to problems so that they understand how altered designs can lead to better technologies.


The Middle School Curriculum builds on STEM and Flite Test Engineering Design Model fundamentals, encouraging students to devise creative solutions to assigned or developed problems. Through this curriculum, students will learn to modify FT-Swappable aircraft and design their own to develop an understanding of how altered designs can result in better technologies.


  • Develop STEM skills through builds, design, and student-created aircraft
  • Emphasize safety, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Build real-world problem-solving skills
  • Expose students to careers in science and technology


Supplies Needed: 

Formative Assessments:   We will have an assignment (activity) daily taught in class.  All classroom work will be performed in the classroom. The daily formative assessments will be instrumental in helping students gain the understanding needed to perform well on the summative assessment for each unit.  

Summative Assessments:  Each section will be evaluated through a summative assessment (Project). 
Grading:  Grades will be earned through the completion of:
Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment

Grades will be based on a percentage.  Formative Assessment will be worth 20% and Summative Assessment is worth 80%.  

For example:
·Formative Assessment Average = 85%
·Summative Assessment Average = 92%
·Class Average = .20(85) + .80(92) = 90.6%

I will post grades each week for students to check for missing assignments and monitor their own grade. The grading scale will be as follows:
            90% - 100%                  A
            80% - 89%                    B
            70% - 79%                    C
            60% - 69%                    D
            59% and below             F
Communication:  I am available in my planning period for the 5th hour, or you may leave a message with the secretary for me to return later.  You may also reach me by email at:

 Please be aware and inquire about online grades, progress reports, and report cards.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you for your support throughout this year,
Scott Peterman