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The following are links to Vocabulary used in US History

US History to 1877:
Road to Revolution:
Parliament Taxes the Colonies:
Declaration of Independence:
Olive Branch Petition:
Federalists Papers:
Checks and Balances:
Constitutional Convention:
The Preamble of the Constitution:
The Great Compromise:
Bill of Rights:
The Constitutional Amendments:
Whiskey Rebellion:
First Continental Congress:
Albany Plan of Union:
French and Indian War:
Proclamation of 1763:
Shay's Rebellion:
George Washington's Farewell Address:
Boston Tea Party:
Common Sense - Thomas Paine:
The Crisis - Thomas Paine:
Northwest Ordinance of 1887:
Boston Massacre:
Articles of Confederation:
Appomattox Court House and Lincoln's Assassination:
Jacksonian Democracy:
The Emancipation Proclamation:
Liberty's Kids: